Product Supply   & Project Management 

We offer a unique service in which Clear View Facade can give your project a Unique Facade Building Envelope from top product suppliers from  across the world. Our vision is to create your vision while offering a different product that will set your project apart from the rest. Our ownership has the experience dealing with overseas suppliers and our relationships are strong. Together we can cut the middle man out and give your project the best facade possible for the best price. 

For your residential high rises, we can offer high end building products with thick mullion support that can be used to design the job you think you cant. Let us work with you to create your ultimate residential tower. Our overseas partners are committed to supplying a superior product than what is used for most residential buildings today. Let's make it happen. 

Our company takes care of all communication, QAQC supplier visits, files reports and submits feedback that matters. We verify all Billing Of Materials and confirm all orders are complete and planned. Our transportation team will deliver the material to the job site, provide Project Management to assist the installation and completion of the project. 

We understand the full scope of the overseas process. Our company assists in module sizes and attic stock orders that will oversee that no units or material is not installed when it should be and that any glass breakages can be replaced right away. Let us make sure you are taken care of. It is our Guarantee!

On top of all that service, We also provide the best installation services in the industry that will Guarantee the project is done in the best way possible. Our company has installed, supervised and managed some of largest facade projects in North America. Let our experience pay dividends for your bottom line. 

We request that you invite Clear View Facade to provide pricing on any large or mid scale project you may upcoming. We take your bidding and tender documents, we share them with our over 10 affiliated overseas companies and let them compete for your project. We work out the small details with the Client to complete all overseas pricing documents to assure accuracy and complete coverage as requested in bidding process. We construct payment arrangements along with insuring no additional cost due to taxes or tariffs. We provide lawyers that have the experience in this field. 

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